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About Wyndance

Wyndance Labrador Retrievers is a CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) approved,  small-scale, high-quality in-home breeding program located in Thornton, Ontario, just one hour north of Metropolitan Toronto. Our email address is: .


After  31 years of owning and working with Labrador Retrievers,  I decided that it was time to live out my childhood dream of not only owning labs, but also showing and breeding them. And so, in 2016, I began this incredible journey by reaching out to longstanding reputable breeder and conformation judge Joanne Fernall at Devonsleigh Kennels ( and  purchased  Wyndance’s foundation  breeding female: GCh Devonsleigh's Black Charm  


Our plan is to selectively breed for 1- 3 litters per year and add new members to the Wyndance Labs fur family as we produce our own or source healthy, high-quality pups that qualify to expand our breeding program over time.


Please scroll down to see our breeding girls,  review their pedigrees, the health clearances that we undertake and if we have an upcoming litter that you might be interested in.


My singular goal is to produce  Labrador Retrievers, bred to the breed standard for folks who may simply wish to own a fantastic family pet and/or who may want to participate in Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Hunting or Tracking activities alongside the people that they love and who care for them.


Read more here about whether a Labrador Retriever is the right dog for you and your lifestyle/family.


And finally, for those of you who are "not looking for a show dog" and are just considering buying a Labrador as a family pet, the attached document to the right here is for you...





Our Dogs &  A Few of Our Puppies Gallery

Edgar4mths (4).jpg

Wyndance's  Peaceful King



Wyndance's Baskerville Hound


IMG_E0209 (2).JPG

Wyndance's  Rey Del Norte



Wyndance's Stanley KaCoCam


IMG_0213 (2).JPG

Wyndance's  Blaze Of Glory



GCh. Shanbro's Harlow Devonsleigh


IMG_0294 (3).JPG

#7 Lab Pup 2018- Cda


Ch. Wyndance's Black Jade


Joy5mths (2).jpg

Wyndance's  Joy To The World



Wyndance's Ozwald Wellesley House Wanzal



Wyndance's  Cabo Wabo



Wyndance's  Copacabana


Wyndance Tribute To Devonsleigh


Our Breeding Females & Stud Dogs:

Health Clearances

Each of our breeding/upcoming breeding dogs have or will have been tested by the DDC Veterinary DNA Technology Park in Fairfield, Ohio, receiving DNA clearances for the Labrador Retriever panel of genetic disorders.


When each of them reach two (2) years of age, we have x-rays taken and submitted to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) to ascertain dysplasia clearances for their hips and elbows, as well as heart clearances by both auscultation and heart echocardiograms. Their eyes are cleared by a board certified canine ophthalmologist as puppies and then every 2 yrs. Only upon receiving their clearances, are the dogs put into our breeding program

Our Breeding Females
IMG_0097 (2).JPG

Name: GCh. Devonsleigh's Black Charm (Charm)-Retired

DOB:   October 13, 2015

Sire:    Ch Sunnydaze Walk The Line

Dam:   Devonsleigh's Chocolate Peanut

 Retired from breeding in September 2021, Charm is the foundation female of Wyndance Labrador Retrievers. Super intelligent, Charm is an "all about the fun" moderate girl, beautifully structured, great moving female. Over the last 4 years, she has produced over 20+  lovely pups for us, two of which (Claire & Wynonna) are now taking on Wyndance's breeding program.


With only limited showings, Charm achieved her Conformation Championship & Grand Championship by the time she was 22 mths old She is simply one of those well behaved girls naturally, loves to play with her people/her toys and is excellent with children, other dogs and cats.


Charm comes from wonderfully accomplished multigenerational lines of Labradors in Canada (Devonsleigh) and US (Sunnydaze) including Best in Show (conformation), High In Trial (Obedience) and Retriever Trial (Field) dogs. 

Charm has all her DNA, OFA (Hips/Elbows), Heart and Eye clearances, which are available upon request to interested parties as she is the grand dam to my breeding female lines. 

Name: GCh. Wyndance's Chocolate Éclair (Claire) 

DOB:   Feb 27th, 2018 

Sire:    .GCh. Fantasy Fly Cabus

Dam:   GCh. Devonsleigh's Black Charm








With Multi-Best Baby Puppy in Breed (MBBPIB) & Multi-Best Baby Puppy in Group (MBBPIG) and a lovely 2022 Select Female win at the Labrador Owners Club Labrador Specialty, Claire is the keeper puppy that was selected to carry the Wyndance lines forward, out of her mother, Charm's inaugural litter. 


She is a really lovely shade of dark chocolate, has achieved both her Canadian Conformation Championship and Grand Championship  She is a bigger boned, solid female possessing excellent type, good structural balance and strong movement. And her temperament literally just sparkles. 


Claire has all her DNA, OFA (hips/elbows), Heart and Eye clearances - all of which are available upon request to interested parties. 

Ch Wyndance's Here Comes Da'Judd.jpeg

Name: Ch. Wyndance's Here Comes Da' Judd (Wynonna)

DOB:   June 22, 2020 

Sire:    GCh. Cawarra's Sharpshooter 

Dam:   GCh. Devonsleigh's Black Charm

As a baby puppy Wynonna showed great promise. She has an extraordinary face and pigmentation, lovely length of neck and overall structural balance.


In her very first show, she took Best Baby Puppy In a Limited Group 1 Show in her first outing at the Wildwood Kennel Club Show. In 2021 with limited showings, Wynonna garnered 8 points towards her Canadian Conformation Championship, had a beautiful litter of 8 pups in August and 7 pups in March, and on her first outing at the Credit Valley Dog Show on November 5th, 2023 she finished her Championship.

Relative to health clearances, Wynonna has all her DNA. Heart & Eye clearances and her Hip/Elbow OFA prelims were completed at 23 months as Good Hips and Normal Elbows.

Name: Ch. Wyndance's Spirit Break Out (Faith)

DOB:    Dec 1st, 2021

Sire:      GChEx. Gold Danrich On D'Run To Makatawae WC

Dam:     GCh. Wyndance's Chocolate Éclair 

Outgoing and lovely only begins to describe Claire & Colt's daughter Faith.  A handful as a young puppy, she has turned out beautifully both in structure and temperament. Wonderfully put together, with a tail that never stops wagging, Faith hit the dog show ring with the same level of enthusiasm and curiosity that she approaches everything. She was won Best Baby Puppy in Breed/Group/Show honors. As a Baby Puppy and Jr. Puppy, she amassed 7 of the 10 points necessary to achieve her Conformation Championship which has since been completed.


Relative to her health clearances, to this point, Faith has had the full lab suite of DNA Clearances including Copper Toxicosis and her heart/eye clearances. Hips/elbows will be completed early in 2024.

Ch Wyndance's Spirit Break Out.jpeg

Registered Name: Matlin's Nor'easter Out Of Tampa Bay

Call Name: Storm

DOB:  March 29, 2022

After completing his health clearances (see below), this lovely co-owned boy is officially "ready to wear". He comes from both European & North American breeding stock with some lovely and renowned kennels/dogs in his pedigree such as Loch Mor, Tampa Bay, Chablais, Belquest, Devonshire and Shalimar. Storm is now available for stud  whereby his stud package will be provided upon request for interested parties.

Storm 8.png

OFA Prelim Hips: Good

OFA Prelim Elbows: Good

PennHip RDI: .36 LDI: .33

Heart Echo: Clear

Eyes: Normal

DNA: Optigen, EIC, CNM, DM, HNPK, Dilute - All Clear

CT: ATP7A +/Y, AT7B-/- Clear



 Puppies/Litter(s) Update

Available Older Pups/Retiring/Foster Dogs:    Nothing available at this time...

Referrals/References/Reviews: please go to our Facebook page here:


Wyndance Labrador Retrievers Planned Breeding Update as of November 2023: We have 2 litters planned for 2024. One from Wynonna and one from either Claire or Faith (pending hip/elbow clearances). 

1.  Wynonna:: Est Breeding Timeframe: January 2024, Est Whelp Timeframe: Late March     Ready For Families: May 2024   Sire: TBD  

2.  Claire:       Est Breeding Timeframe: May 2024         Est Whelp Timeframe: Late July 2024 Ready For Families: Sept 2024  Sire: TBD

3.  Faith:        Est. Breeding Timeframe: February 2024 Est. Whelp Timeframe: Apr 2024        Ready for Families: June 2024 Sire: TBD

Important Message To Interested/Prospective Wyndance Labrador Retriever Puppy Owners:  

Wyndance lab pups are raised using Puppy Culture socialization and training methods. Before going to their new families at 8-12 weeks of age, Wyndance Labrador puppies are collar/leash oriented, can go up and down stairs, are crate trained for bedtimes ( typically 11pm-btwn 4-5 am), they can perform a sit and lay down with treats, they have bite inhibition "No Bite (nipping) training from the time they turn 3 weeks and start to get their little razor like teeth and they understand Leave It! when they pick up something that they shouldn't as well. 


When considering getting a puppy you need to have a Baby Puppy Care Plan as they can only be crated for 1 hour per month of age  before they need to be toileted and have 30-40 mins of simple playtime (that is not exercise).This is a key consideration that will need to be satisfactorily addressed in order to become an Approved To Purchase individual or family.


If you are interested in purchasing a Wyndance Labrador Retriever puppy , it is highly recommended that you place yourself on our Litter Reserved Wait List.   Simply send me a request for our Puppy Application Form via email and/or give us a call at 416-230-6920. 

Wyndance Breeding Policies:

Breed Colors: We only breed for the three (3) officially CKC recognized colors: Black, Chocolate & Yellow (please note that "Fox Red" & "White" Labradors are simply a variant on the Yellow dogs as their coats can range from nearly white through to a deep "yellow" or red.

Breed Health Certifications/Clearances:  Wyndance Labradors are certified for hips, elbows, heart and eye health clearances as well genetic DNA clearances. At least one parent will be clear of "common to the breed" genetic diseases which in turn ensures that our pups will not be affected  by them. 

Warranties: All pups in our litters will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, micro-chipped and leave our home at 8-10 weeks of age with a New Puppy Kit, having been de-wormed at 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks of age and with their first set of vaccinations (3 sets are required). A written health warranty will be provided for each puppy’s first two years from hereditary defects and for which we have tests to clear them. We require all buyers to sign our contract which includes a specific

Return Policy: if for any reason puppy owners are not able to keep their Labrador for whatever reason, we will be notified immediately for re-homing and/or our dog/pup will be returned to us for proper health assessment, re-training if necessary and  placement.

Approved Prospective Owners Only:  All potential buyers are screened to ensure that your Wyndance Labrador Retriever puppy has a safe, loving home. All potential buyers must complete a puppy purchase questionnaire and you will then be interviewed and asked to visit us prior to any commitment to allow for ownership to ensure that our dogs can thrive in their new environments. Under no circumstances will we sell to pet stores or commercial dealers for re-sale. 


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